About Joanne Pender Independent


My name is Joanne Pender. I am standing as an independent candidate in the local elections for Newbridge/Kildare.

Transparency-Honesty-Social Justice

I am originally from The Curragh Camp but am now living in Kildare Town with my husband and two children.

I studied Computing at IT Carlow and FETAC Business Studies and have been working for a local accountant in Newbridge for the past ten years.

I have campaigned against home taxes and water charges all over the country for the past two years and I am also a volunteer member of the board of management of Educate Together national school in Kildare Town.

Having been betrayed by our governments past and present, I think now is the time for local people to bring about a change to improve the living standards of people in our community and to create the type of society we want to live in.

If elected;

  • I will not partake in any ‘junkets’ unless they’re essential to council business
  • I will only avail of those expenses that are necessary for council business.
  • I will seek to work with a greater network of Kildare candidates who will provide an alternative to the status quo and the political elite.
  • I will not seek your vote under the pretence of unachievable goals and unrealistic promises. What I can promise is to make a commitment to work hard, be transparent and honest and to continue to fight for social justice with the same determination and passion as I have done over the past two years.

My priorities include;

  • Repeal the Property Tax: Under the Property Tax legislation, each county council has the power to vary the tax in their area by plus or minus 15% from the beginning of 2015. I will be fighting for a decrease in the property tax at the maximum rate and will support any and all attempts to repeal the tax altogether.
  • Oppose Water Charges: Water charges are just another troika inspired austerity tax forced onto the Irish public under the guise of conservation of water.  I am opposed to introduction of water metering and the privatisation of the public water supply.
  • Improved Water quality: Water quality is very poor in some areas of Kildare with reports of increased lime scale adding to the cost of maintaining household appliances.  I will work towards resolving the issues around the quality of the water supply so that people are not forced to pay for substandard water.
  • More Social housing: Access to housing is integral to the heart of social protection by the State. With thousands on housing lists and the collapse of the construction industry, we need greater supply of non-profit housing to assist local authorities in reducing waiting lists.  Increased sheltered housing has the potential to bring about major improvements in the life chances and living conditions of Ireland’s elderly and families who are most vulnerable.




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